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Premiere: Queen Neptune Unveil Video For 'The Queen's Speech' (+ Interview)

Premiere: Queen Neptune Unveil Video For 'The Queen's Speech' (+ Interview)

Wednesday 14th June, 2017 10:00AM

After gracing the airwaves for the last few weeks, sonic explorers Queen Neptune are now unveiling a visual offering to accompany their krautrock-esque single 'The Queens Speech'. The home-cooked monochromatic clip brings together found imagery along with phone-shot footage to capture the mood of the deadpan politically-driven track which is extremely timely given the Queen's next speech is set to be delivered on Monday. Take a look below and scroll on to read our wee interview with the two-piece...

Hi Queen Neptune!! So ‘The Queen’s Speech’ seems more overtly political than your other songs. What prompted you to write it?

Hello! The song took shape on a day of feeling particularly powerless in the face of a world run by malign forces for their own benefit, and upon stumbling across a YouTube of the Queen's opening of parliament last year. The Queen lurks all over this country, mostly as a hollowed out symbol of power and hierarchy, and the song addresses her as such to question power and hierarchy in general. The process left us feeling less powerless, and served as a reminder that the limit to power is consent.

Following the recent UK general election there will be a Queen’s Speech delivered next Monday, and Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to vote it down and is preparing his own speech. Will you be tuning in to watch it all unfold?

Yes or no depending on the day. Hope he kicks butt though.

Would you like to see New Zealand become a republic in the near future and move away from the Crown?

Ideally this country would become part of a global movement towards a more rational approach to power and the distribution of resources. Any hierarchy that allows for excess at one end and poverty at the other is counter-productive to our collective requirements. A rational approach would be to redistribute from where there is excess to where there is poverty - taking from where things are needed least and putting them where they are needed most – which may involve removing some jewels from the Crown.

Can you tell us a little bit on how the video for ‘The Queen’s Speech’ came together?

It felt as though a video wanted to be made, so it was! It is an experiment made from a combination of found footage (thank you internet), phone footage (thank you Mikey), and a home-made miniature balsa wood house-thing.

You guys released a record back on New Year’s Day and have been playing quite a few shows here and there. What’s next on the cards for Queen Neptune?

Making more art-stuff in the form of music and videos and pictures, which will live at if you want to visit.


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