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Young Ghost And Chronic Shnxman Drop Second Single 'Mr Whippy'

Young Ghost And Chronic Shnxman Drop Second Single 'Mr Whippy'

Wednesday 26th July, 2017 11:08AM

The dynamic duo of Young Gho$t and Chronic Shnxman have dropped their second trappy tune, titled 'Mr Whippy'. Following in the path of first single 'Metallica', the ice cream-themed tune features classic 808s and xylophone samples which conjure up images of the classic confectionary distributor that the song takes its namesake from. Young Gho$t told the story behind the lyrics on Soundcloud…

This is a conceptual piece, based on a shit yarn, about a man so demonised and demotivated by the trials and tribulations of modern life, that he reasoned the most effective way to make money was through a plan, that on the surface seemed to be becoming an ice cream truck driver. However in reality this was merely a front for his highly profitable illegal narcotics business. Code words were used sparingly - in the greater Auckland area there was scarcely a dropkick who didn't know the meaning of terms such as 'flake', 'cone' or 'oyster'. But this man was plagued by the eternal issue of appearing to be an ice cream man, and as such to maintain his operation was forced to serve a variety of cold and creamy desserts to avoid the sheer wrath of the New Zealand police. Cone after cone was packed, and it came to a point that he simply couldn't keep up. As cold as his ice cream was, he found himself once again in hot water. That man was me, and this is my story.

Check out the escapade below…


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