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Monday 13th November, 2017 10:12AM

Auckland producer and Grow Room compatriot WhyFi has dropped a fresh three-track opus called BATRAG 61'/PARALYSED. Stylistically, the tunes swing from self-described psych-funk on ‘BATRAG 61’ to pumping 80’s synth pop peppered with mournful vocals and glitch-noises on ‘PARALYSED IN PARADISE’. Listen below and keep scrolling to read the artist’s breakdown of the tunes...

"I just decided to chuck that EP together after recording the tracks within the last week or so, I moved out of Auckland city back to the country to my family house and we have a bunch of instruments/gear up here so I've just been utilising that. The EP was recorded almost entirely through PS2 Singstar mics (apart from drum machine on the second track), which came out of necessity as I didn't have mics available except a couple pairs of Singstar mics which had a USB connection. I tried them out with surprisingly satisfying results and kind of had that exact fidelity I've been searching for in recordings lately without imposing too much of my own processing afterwards.

'Batrag' was recorded with The Meters/Kody Nielson/Sly Stone in mind, just laying down a track at a time, starting with a drum track - not having any structure in mind and just recording everything in one take. The track also features a hideously out of tune piano that we've had at my family house since I was a kid. The recording of 'Paralysed in Paradise' followed an emotionally intense 24 hours and came out of a need to vent what I was feeling, I wrote the lyrics in a free-writing motion, written down in a few minutes everything that came to mind without considering if it made sense or not. I recorded it while yelling in our busted old cottage so no one could hear me. 'Cursed Girls' was the first of the tracks to be tested through Singstar mics, going for a Les Rallizes Dénudés (a Japanese psych band from the 70's) type vibe. It was all mixed and recorded with that noise-rock sensibility in mind."


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