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Physical Share Remix For 'In My Bedroom' + Interview

Physical Share Remix For 'In My Bedroom' + Interview

Friday 1st December, 2017 11:14AM

Wellington duo Physical have followed up their debut album Ride it Out with a fresh-faced dance remix of their single ’In My Bedroom’, remixed by the group themselves. Comprised of Julia Catherine Parr (Black City Lights) and Nik Brinkman (Junica, Over The Atlantic), Physical have been winning over Wellington audiences with upbeat shows alongside the likes of Yumi ZoumaDisasteradio and Waterfalls. The 'Midnight Mix' takes the original tune and ramps up the hi-energy dance elements, creating a summer sizzler perfect for the party season. We felt it was a great time for a catch-up with the duo, have a listen to the remix below and read on for our quick chat with Physical…

Congratulations on the new track - can you tell us about the new remix, how did it come about?

Julia: ’In my Bedroom’ is the third track from our debut album Ride it Out. It takes your crush by the hand and leads them to the dance floor; the ‘Midnight Mix’ remix will make them wish they went home with you. Nik was messing round with the stems one day for fun and sent me this and I loved it! I decided we had to release it as a remix. Is it weird to remix your own songs? I don't know, don’t care, I love it! I promise you’ll be dancing to it all summer.

How did you start collaborating?

Nik: I was just starting a new project called 'Ghostwriters Collective', which is a collaborate project that houses new songs and ideas that don't have a outlets for release. Julia was the first artist to be involved with Ghostwriters Collective, and we made the song 'Gold' together. I definitely knew at that point she was someone I wanted to collaborate with more. We then ended up doing a whole album together.

Julia: Yeah what he said! We have pretty similar melodic and textural ideas and it works well.

Physical sounds like a change of pace from your previous musical projects - what motivated the shift in styles?

Nik: I think time naturally does this. We hadn’t been playing live or recording in our bands for a few years and I guess our personal tastes had shifted a bit during that period. It was nice for me to step away from real guitars and bass for these songs, but funnily enough I'm actually excited for guitars and bass again.

Julia: I always like to play around with different styles. Before we started writing this album I felt I had a lot to say, and the pop energy of the music we were creating felt like the best way to express it.

What's inspiring Physical musically right now?

Nik: Right at this very moment it would be SZA, Sophie B Hawkins,The Sundays, Sufjan Stevens and Motown.

Julia: I’d say Banks and SZA for sure.

How’s the Wellington live scene at the moment?

Nik: From what I know, I think it's pretty strong. All of the actual ‘music industry’ is based in Auckland, so sometimes it feels like you are completely off the radar, but I think there is a ton of live music happening here.

Julia: We have a couple of great venues in town but we’ve lost so many amazing places to play in the last few years. I love when Wellington bands and promoters turn to alternative spaces like parks, community halls, or shipping containers! It’s keeping the scene alive.

What’s the plan for 2018? Any summer plans?

Nik: I think we are definitely keen to write some new songs over summer.

Julia: New songs! More shows!

Physical’s split single ’In My Bedroom/In My Bedroom ‘Midnight Mix’’ is available now via Spotify and iTunes.


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