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Tom Scott's Avantdale Bowling Club Drop Video 'Years Gone By'

Tom Scott's Avantdale Bowling Club Drop Video 'Years Gone By'

Friday 10th August, 2018 1:52PM

Tom Scott's new project Avantdale Bowling Club have shared a video for their expansive and reflective debut single 'Years Gone By'. Directed by Arty Papageorgiou, the clip was shot against the faded splendour of Auckland's once-ornate St. James Theatre, featuring the next-level skills of Scott's collaborators Julien Dyne, Guy Harrison, Tom Dennison, Mara TK, Ben McNicoll and JY Jong-Yun Lee playing amongst the rubble. Their album is due to drop next Friday on double vinyl, accompanied by a three day exhibition of images that inspired and were inspired by the new record, to be held at Central Auckland's CorpStudio. Scott shared some thoughts around the video in a statement, watch it here and read his words below...

"peace everyone. it's tom. i was supposed to release this new video last friday. the director had sent it back finished exactly the way i had asked. he put a lot of time and effort into meeting my demands and don't get me wrong, i appreciate it. it was beautiful. but after living with it for a bit, relative to the ugly space i was in at the time, it felt too beautiful.

it didn't feel like a true depiction of my experience of the world. i've never been called beautiful. i always liked destruction more than perfection. not to say i'm not grateful for when things go right. gratitude is probably exactly what the song is about. i just know that things don't STAY right.

and i like it like that. i don't need the movie to end just when everything's perfect. i'm suspicious of silence. peace makes me paranoid. i can smell smoke. even in paradise. i know that there's another moment coming to kick this one off it's podium. just when everything seems good, my mum calls and says she's got breast cancer. just when everything's good my aunty gets diagnosed with dementia. one year from retirement, 40 years as the most esteemed breast surgeon in the hemisphere and now she can't put her own shoes on. My son running round laughing in one room, my nana's screaming dying in the other. no credits rolling. no synchronised bow.

i think what i'm trying to say is that life is ugly sometimes. but that's all good. could be the worst day of your life or the best, you'll reminisce on them both the same. i like the fires. i like the break ups. the fist fights. the car crashes. the screaming arguments. dinner plates you bought on special at farmers with baby shower money flying through mouldy gib board. that's what it's about. no moment is better than the other. no moment is static. it's all just happening. shit goes right. shit goes wrong. years go by.

anyway, i hope enjoy the video. much love."

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