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Wellington's Chronic Shnxman Drops 'Gastroenteritis Episode 1' + 'The ChronicGho$tMan' EP

Wellington's Chronic Shnxman Drops 'Gastroenteritis Episode 1' + 'The ChronicGho$tMan' EP

Wednesday 22nd August, 2018 1:17PM

Wellington-based rapper and producer Chronic Shnxman has dropped a seven track EP titled GASTROENTERITIS EPISODE 1, following swiftly on the heels of June's The Shnxman Tape II. Jammed full of smooth flows, cicada-like hi hat rolls and ominously thumping sub-bass, the hard-hitting collection sports guest features from Hxrman, Lil Dust, LBFRMIKEY, Sadhectorr, Prey XO and L. Dreary. The prolific artist shows no sign of slowing down, and has simultaneously unveiled a collaborative three track release with Wellington's Young Gho$t you can listen to below, appropriately titled The ChronicGho$tMan EP. You can catch Young Gho$t tearing it up at Auckland's Whammy Backroom this Saturday 25th August at the GASSED / Grime pre-launch party, and Chronic Shnxman performing alongside a tonne of underground local artists at Ellen Melville Centre on Friday 7th September for the massive New Wave Part. II event. Check out both collections here...


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Fri 7th Sep
Raynham Park Studio, Auckland