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Premiere: Strange Stains Shares Single 'They Wear Them Out' + Video

Premiere: Strange Stains Shares Single 'They Wear Them Out' + Video

Tuesday 11th December, 2018 11:25AM

Wellington electronic producer, singer and visual artist Strange Stains aka Cooki Stains has unveiled a deliriously surreal self-directed video for her new single 'They wear them out'. Like something out of a DIY sci-fi thriller, the ominous vibes of the artist's industrial-pop soundscapes are set against fun choreographed dance routines and alien interactions, as Strange Stains and partner in crime Raymond the Newtown Ninja bounce between realities with the aid of a mysterious pyramidical device. Created by Stains and Crystal Geyser, with filming, visual effects and colour grading by Dan Harris (Illojgali), the video co-stars Crystal Geyser in various guises alongside costumed dancers Lucy Reid, Haz Forrester, Sophie Thorn, Chris Ulutupu, Emily Berryman, Jelly O'Shea, Jonny Marks, Taipua Adams and Kate Logan. Strange Stains kindly lifted the lid on the ideas behind her dazzling audio-visual creation...

"The video is about Strange Stains and Newtown Ninja just taking a casual stroll when they come across a time device, which transports them to three different worlds all with Crystal Geyser in them. Crystal Geyser is the only one that can get them out by all three of them holding the time device. We end up in the future and stay there.

Taipua Adams (Terror Of The Deep) who is Crystal Geyser’s Dad and I thought about doing a Strange Stains video starring CG. So Crystal Geyser came to the Costume Cave... and we both ran around very excited and picked out costumes and constructed a storyline as we went. It was amazing to work with Crystal Geyser, so much fun and they are such a talent. 

I have always been so taken by the self-described Newtown Ninja (Raymond), as a lot of people in Newtown have been. He is pretty famous in Newtown, standing on the streets in amazing clothes like a vigilante. I was working with Crystal Geyser for a while but also really wanted Raymond to be involved in the video. I didn’t have the courage to ask him cos he’s so cool. I must of had a bit more confidence that day, I approached him on the street about being in my video, of my weird solo project, purely because I love his style. He said yes and we met up numerous times after that, to talk about the video and became mates.

Just been to Australia and played some great shows with awesome peeps, going to release the rest of the songs in the new year when I can think of a name as good as Bogan Atmosphere? The biggest excitement is going on tour with Womb in China, next yearrrrrrhhhhh!"


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