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Crabman Debut New Zealand Show Announced

Crabman Debut New Zealand Show Announced

Wednesday 13th February, 2019 4:20PM

The mysterious half-crab, half-man dance-pop artist known only as Crabman is emerging from his shell this March, making his Auckland live debut after generating an incredible amount of local interest with his radio hit 'Crabman', and subsequent first full length collection of bangers Crabman Goes To Spider Island. In an in-depth press statement (which you can read in full below) Crabman explained he was torn from his blissfully serene life in the Galápagos with the Spider Queen by his long-standing nemesis, the NYPD, and has agreed to perform live and donate the proceeds to the Galápagos Conservation Trust in order to atone for his alleged 2017 role in the robbery of a Manhattan bank. You can read our exclusive interview with the artist here, and you can bet we'll be heading along to experience one of the freshest voices in New Zealand music firsthand. Claw at the details below...

Crabman: Live In Captivity
Friday 15th March - The Wine Cellar, Auckland w/ special guests

Check out Crabman's hit track 'Crabman'...

Acquaint yourself with 'Sweet Claw o' Mine'...

Press Release:


Last time any of us heard about the half-man, half-crab mutant known simply as Crabman, he was living a quiet and serene life on Spider Island in the Galápagos, raising a Game of Thrones-watching baby son with the beautiful and giant Spider Queen. Things were going well for Crabman, having left behind his tormented past, having regrown the claw that he lost in the mass slaughtering of arachnids that led him to the centre of the island and its Queen's nest, and having released a beloved and musically earth-shattering debut album of bangers that brought the Auckland City alternative music scene to its knees.

But alas, this time of happiness for our hero was not to last. Crabman has been captured by his long-term nemesis, the NYPD, for his supposed role in the 2017 robbery of a large bank in Manhattan. Using information that Crabman himself distributed to the world in the lyrics of his beloved 2018 debut album "Crabman Goes to Spider Island", the feds were able to pinpoint the current location of their suspect, and Crabman was taken into custody in January 2019.

After a painful first month of imprisonment during which Crabman repeatedly incited NYPD officers to the point of violence through continual chanting of the phrase "Brooklyn 99 is overrated", an agreement was reached between the man-crab hybrid and the police: on the 15th of March 2019, Crabman will undertake a musical performance at Auckland's Wine Cellar, with all proceeds from the show being donated directly to the Galapagos Conservation Trust.

When asked for comment, Crabman answered: "BE THERE OR UR A FUCKING SQUARE. FOLLOW ME ON INSTA @FUCKOFFCRABMAN".


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Fri 15th Mar
The Wine Cellar, Auckland

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