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Interview: Sick Thoughts New Zealand Tour

Interview: Sick Thoughts New Zealand Tour

Roy Irwin / Wednesday 30th October, 2019 1:45PM

Drew Owen, based in New Orleans, has been making music as Sick Thoughts since 2013. Since then, both his releases and tours have been beyond prolific, although I don’t believe he would be keeping count. From how I see it, what Drew does isn’t really a choice and is the perfect outlet for boredom, frustration and general hatred towards the crazy planet we live on called ‘Earth’. Whether it’s Sick Thoughts or one of his other projects, I’ve always been blown away by Drew’s drive to keep creating while keeping things just as fresh and vibrant as they are pissed off and doused in blood. Do not miss your chance to see him this week.

Sick Thoughts NZ Tour 2019

Thursday 31st October - Halloween Party, Whammy Bar, Auckland*
Friday 1st November - secret location, Tauranga
Saturday 2nd November - The Yot Club, Raglan

Tickets available HERE via UTR*

Roy Irwin: Sup Drew, How are you today?

Sick Thoughts: I'm unbelievable. Just boarded the plane.

You’ve been playing shows in Texas the last couple of days before flying down here, how did they go?

The gigs were great. Still recovering from them. Texan Sick Thoughts lineup, one of the best.

It’s your first time playing in New Zealand. Anything you are looking forward to seeing or doing while you are here?

I would love to give birth to a puffin, drink the finest of wines, bathe in a waterfall. Aren’t we going to go to that volcano and drink hot vodka?

You‘ve been making music as Sick Thoughts since you were 13? (Correct me if I’m wrong) and you have other projects like Baby’s Blood, Total Hell, DD Deth, to name a few, so naturally you have a pretty extensive back catalog. For anyone that may not have heard your music, what would you personally suggest they start with?

Made the first Sick Thoughts CDR demo when I was 14. I would listen to the new LP first [2018's self-titled album].

I read that when you were a kid growing up in Baltimore not many people at your school listened to punk rock and people would hear you listening to the Ramones and be like “that’s devil music!”... What was it liking growing up making punk records in Baltimore for you as a teenager?

It was alienating, weird, really lonely and funny. Making records was therapeutic. I'd like to thank the devil.

I first saw you about 5 years ago, in Memphis. You had Buck Biloxi and Gary Wrong playing as your backing band. I know your lineup is constantly changing but you have Trampoline Team mostly these days?

Yeah! Mike on guitar and Sam on bass. I started playing drums for Tramp Team a year ago, so we have a pretty solid unit going. I counted all the people I;ve played with in ST and its around 70 give or take.

I personally can have a lot of trouble getting used to playing with new people... is it something that you’re used to doing these days?

It's like riding a bike. Some people click some don't. You gotta make em Jump in the Fiyarh, just like Hetfield says. I am a crochety old man in the practice room.

If you could eat a steak & cheese pie with any NZ musician who would you eat it with?

The Hiphopopatamus and the Reptiles.

Looking forward to see you later this week. Anything you’d like to add?

Roy, Where can I find the puffins?


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Sick Thoughts Halloween Party
Thu 31st Oct 8:00pm
Whammy Bar, Auckland
Sick Thoughts
Fri 1st Nov 8:00pm
Sick Thoughts USA
Sat 2nd Nov 8:00pm
The Yot Club, Raglan