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Ebony Lamb Covers 'Beautiful Things' By The 3Ds For NZ Music Month

Ebony Lamb Covers 'Beautiful Things' By The 3Ds For NZ Music Month

C.C. / Q & A by Annabel Kean / Friday 15th May, 2020 3:30PM

Te Awanga's Ebony Lamb, formerly of songwriting duo Eb & Sparrow, does justice to The 3Ds' transcendental 1993 tune 'Beautiful Things' with a disarmingly dreamy cover version. Recorded with multi-instrumentalist Gram Antler (aka Jack Johnson) and drummer Chris Winter, their rendition is accompanied by a subtly psychedelic DIY video for the song. Lamb's reimagining is out today as part of an ongoing covers series of evergreen Aotearoa tunes, releasing thoughout May for NZ Music Month. Take in the new clip, crafted by Lamb and Antler in their own home, and scroll downwards for her email conversation with Annabel Kean, delving into what drew Lamb to 'Beautiful Things' and the artist's life during lockdown...

Annabel Kean: What's coming up for you this year? How much has Covid-19 derailed your plans?

Ebony Lamb: Sadly it’s derailed all of the June & August touring which was pretty special, as I’m working on performing my new songs either as a soloist or duo, it’s been really special to create new songs over the last two years. It’s also put a big halt onto the recording and release side of the new record I’ve been working towards, but I’ve come to terms with it like everyone has had to over the last couple of months. Thankfully we’ve been able to slow right down, and for me personally getting into a stronger place with editing my work, and a couple of new songs fell out which is always a silver lining.

What's your connection to The 3Ds and this song? Is 'Beautiful Things' your favourite song of theirs?

Me and a few of my good friends listened to their record The Venus Trail a heck of a lot in my last couple of years of high school back in the woolsheds, garages and beat-up vans while we drive around looking for stuff to do in my hometown of Hawkes Bay. 'Beautiful Things' really was such a treasure of a song, it was less cynical than a lot of indie music, it is a beautiful song. I had the best time going to a gig of theirs at Warner’s in Christchurch. We were under-age, on a school trip and completely broke, but somehow the manager let us in and it was completely amazing, felt like a pivotal moment of being the right place at the right time, super loud and immersive.

There's probably too much to unpack in one answer, but what do you see as the big differences between your solo music and Eb & Sparrow? How linked are the two projects?

Eb & Sparrow finished amicably with three beautiful concerts in late 2018 and although I miss them, I’m feeling pretty good about creating a new sound. I needed to stop touring and get really quiet for a while, so I could write again, and it’s been really good to know that songs keep coming. I love everyone attached to Eb & Sparrow so much, and they’ve been super supportive.

Who would be in your dream NZ music bubble?

Oh that’s to hard, I have my faves but I’ll hold those in my lil heart.


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