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Baby Zionov Unleashes 'Remixing In The Time Of Cholera' EP

Baby Zionov Unleashes 'Remixing In The Time Of Cholera' EP

Annabel Kean / Friday 11th February, 2022 11:07AM

Two years on from releasing her all killer '...And You Are The Bitch' EP on local imprint Sunreturn Records, Tāmaki-based electronic pop songwriter Baby Zionov (Aaliyah Zionov) returns with five invigorating new twists on stand-out track 'Clubbing in the Time of Cholera (A Musical Tribute to a Bygone Era in Which People Sometimes Had Parties to Go To, Although Sometimes They Didn't)'. Aptly named Remixing In The Time Of Cholera, fellow beat-makers Dvnots, DJ Shitshow, and label mates deepState and Amamelia each blend and repackage the pumping dance cut into fresh reimaginings. From heart-racing heavy house and hypnotising rave, to whatever the delightful, leisurely stroll of a genre Amamelia's version is, Remixing In The Time Of Cholera lands just in time to soundtrack your weekend blowout. Dive in below and scroll down for Baby Zionov's track-by-track rundown...

12’’ Club Mix

The 12’’ club remix is exactly what you think it is - I made it longer, thickened up the bass, and added some sick spacey disco breakdowns. Dance to it, vibe out to it, stick it in your DJ sets, put on your dancing shoes to it, the world is your oyster!

Dvnots Remix
Dvnots is an under appreciated genius with a specialty in crafting these really precise synth sounds with grooves that go extremely hard, and that’s exactly what she did here. The new backing vocals she added are so cute and pretty and then the bass drop is just totally monstrous. In her hands, the song is less “getting ready to go to a party” and more like you’re already there at the party, 2 hours deep into dancing to doof doofs with all your friends.

DJ Shitshow Remix
This one turns the track into a sexy, lush, funky jam perfect for pretending you’re in a spy thriller or a ‘70s porno. DJ Shitshow is a master at pushing the absolute extremes of maximalism without sacrificing the groove, and there are so many awesome details in this remix I’m obsessed with - the soaring guitar mini-solos, the way the percussion pings back and forth between your ears, the bit where he loops my whispering into the nth dimension…

deepState PureRave Remix
deepState is usually known for her beautiful chill-out jams, but I was so stoked to have her make this unmitigated five-star banger that sounds like it’s coming straight out of a warehouse in 1992. All the spooky vocal samples and minor key rave piano give it such a deliciously menacing quality, like “we’ve got a party to tonight” is a threat. Listening to it makes me wanna fight someone but in, like, a fun ravey way!

Amamelia Remix
This remix is yet more proof that Amelia Berry is the most talented person in the entire world because only she could pull off something as bizarre as this. She turned my silly bop into this surreal, pensive space odyssey with a melancholy that has more in common with a late-’60s Beach Boys ballad than any dance music. It’s so much more beautiful than it has any right to be. When I first started listening, I was just laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of it all but by the end I was crying!

'Remixing In The Time Of Cholera' EP is out now on streaming services via Sunreturn.


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