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Video: Broken Bells - Holding On For Life

Video: Broken Bells - Holding On For Life

Tuesday 26th November, 2013 9:15AM

Broken Bells, the collaborative project between James Mercer (The Shins) and Danger Mouse, will release their sophomore album, After the Disco early next year, and they've just shared the second part of a pretty epic short film / double video clip. This narrative, written by Danger Mouse, directed by Jacob Gentry and produced by the the Creators Project began with a teaser for After the Disco, in which Kate Mara (House of Cards) plays an alien who lands on earth and is discovered by Anton Yelchin (Star Trek). The pair begin a romance which is unhindered by the removal of Kate Mara's space helmet - she can breathe on earth! - but in part two, which doubles as the clip for single 'Holding On For Life' off of the album, things get complicated (as they do when one is partaking in an interplanetary love story). In the second part Mara and Yelchin are both in attendance at a space party; have flashbacks; only vaguely recognise each other; jealousy and confusion ensue. Check it out below and take a look at the first part out over here.


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