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Live Review: Laneway Festival 2014

Live Review: Laneway Festival 2014

Tuesday 28th January, 2014 1:25PM

No infuriating entry, booze, or toilet queues! Working and easily-accessible ATMs! Hungarian bread puffs! The Auckland leg of St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival took place yesterday and was an unequivocally pleasant user experience. Little things become a big deal during music festivals and all of these were well-considered and impeccably executed by Laneway organisers. Porta-loos were clean and plentiful; lines to purchase alcohol tokens were minimalised by staff who walked down each line selling them; extra shade on grass areas allowed escape from the sun; food stalls were scattered across the festival and hot dogs were therefore readily available (very important). All of these pleasantries are particularly impressive considering yesterday’s incarnation of the festival was the biggest in its five year history, selling out at 10, 000 tickets....

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