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Stream The Flaming Lips New Album - Flaming Side Of The Moon

Stream The Flaming Lips New Album - Flaming Side Of The Moon

Tuesday 1st April, 2014 9:38AM

It's the kind of project where you need your button-pushing fingers warmed up. The Flaming Lips have released a companion piece to Pink Floyd's pioneering album The Dark Side Of The Moon. The Lips' opus, entitled The Flaming Side of The Moon, has not only been created to be played at the same time as the classic 1973 rock record, but according to a statement from the band it was carefully crafted to sync perfectly with 1939 film The Wizard Of Oz, paying homage to the Dark Side of the Rainbow theory that Pink Floyd's album intentionally synched with the film, despite band members saying it was coincidental. The Lips are no strangers to synching experiments, in 1997 they released the challenging Zaireeka, which consisted of four CDs that needed playing simultaneously. Check out Flaming Side Of The Moon below...

Update: It turns out the album was produced by Funny Or Die website as part of an April Fool's series. You can see the recording session here, or watch a fan-synched version of The Flaming Side Of The Moon over here.


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