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Listen: Sex Pest - Emily

Listen: Sex Pest - Emily

Wednesday 30th April, 2014 10:52AM

After a pretty good couple of years on the local scene Auckland group Sex Pest have decided to throw in the towel. To coincide with their disbanding, the foursome is sharing their swan song 'Emily', which is also included on a compilation that will be available at their farewell gig at Whammy Bar this weekend (where they will be supported by Bloodbags, Slavedriver and Bargain Bin Laden). In light of recent developments, we thought it would be a good time to catch up with the group and see why they are calling it quits despite riding high on a wave of punk popularity. So here's Seven Quick Questions with Sex Pest... have a read while you listen to 'Emily'.

So, who is Sex Pest and how did it all start...

Sex Pest is G. Sheridactyl (guitar), Mike O. Wave (vocals), Emyl Nitrate (drums) and Biff (bass).

Sheridactyl, Mike and Biff had previously played in other bands together (Crawler, Freudoids). Mike and Sheridactyl had talked about starting up something new for some time and eventually seduced Emyl into joining (previously of Skyscraper). After a few jams Biff was asked to join on bass and Sex Pest was a thing. I think each of us was just longing for popularity at the time but now we're a bit over it. It gets tiresome. I don't know how Lindsay Lohans does it.

It seems you have been pretty busy playing gigs over the last couple of years, why call it quits now?

Yeah, and we've had a lot of fun. Huge big thanks to all who have supported us along the way and to all those celebrities who've inspired us. We just got bored I guess. A wise celebrity once said: "It is better to go home than to hang around until you get bored.".

Sex Pest is a, um, interesting name... what made you choose it?

I think it just sounded kinda funny to us. I guess it ties in with the sound a little bit too. Kinda annoying, little bit cheeky sort of thing. Some people seem to like it. And some people seem to hate it. We like the division.

Favourite gig you ever played and why?

I would have to say playing with Two Wolves at the Old Folks Ass. DIY shows are always a lot of fun. There was a great turn-out and no trouble from the cops or any bloody idiots. At the time it was Two Wolves' last ever show so it was an honour and an absolute privilege to play with such celebrities.

And the worst gig...

There were a few where we were too drunk and played terribly, but we've always had fun. And over a year ago, I didn't turn up to a show and someone else had to step in. We were going through a stink time. We got through it though.

Is there a band you would come out of retirement to support?

Goodness gracious, I'm not too sure. Maybe bands like The Dicks or Meat Puppets or Dwarves or The Gories or Brainbombs or The Oblivians or Void or Pissed Jeans or Jan Terri.

Tell me about the track ‘Emily’ that you are sharing to coincide with your disbanding?

'Emily' is just our latest recording. We felt it was right to release with our disbanding because it's all we have. It's a cool song. We like it. The compilation we're releasing (thanks to Andrew Tolley who suggested it and is putting it together) is basically everything we've done that doesn't sound much too shit. It's about giving back. We hope you like it.

We just want to say thanks to all the great bands we've played with, venues and people who have hosted us, people who have lent gear, worked our live sound, recorded/mixed and generally anyone who has had to put up with us. Hope to see you at the show.

Sex Pest's Last Show
with Bloodbags, Slavedriver and Bargain Bin Laden
Friday 2nd May, Whammy Bar, Auckland


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