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Listen: Two Wolves - Sand Purgatory

Listen: Two Wolves - Sand Purgatory

Wednesday 14th May, 2014 11:17AM

When Two Wolves played at the Auckland Old Folks Ass late last year, rounding off their countrywide tour for the release of their phenomenal debut album The Roar and Peal of Distant Thunder, it appeared to be last we would hear of the group, which seemingly had been scraped together from the residue of years of local punk bands (Tentacles of Destruction and Crawler to name a few). However, the five-piece have just revealed a new track, called 'Sand Purgatory', as part of a special Music Month compilation from Beck's beer named New New Zealand Music. The contribution from the stoner-blues band might look to be a bit of a wildcard sitting among a deck stacked with tracks from Lawrence Arabia, The Phoenix Foundation and Doprah, but it's actually a fantastic ace up the sleeve. Have a listen below...

Photo credit: Cat Alice


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