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Video: Liars - Pro Anti Anti

Video: Liars - Pro Anti Anti

Tuesday 24th June, 2014 10:59AM

Avante-rock trio Liars are well-known for pairing their music with dynamic artwork, one glance at the cover of their latest album Mess is a testament to that. But beyond the stringy aesthetic adorning the record, the New Yorkers apparently coated billboards and traffic signs with kaleidoscopic cord throughout California, and then explored the digital realm for the video for 'Mess On A Mission'. And the three-piece are still embracing the mess-theme in the face-melting video for 'Pro Anti Anti'. The time-lapse clip plays out like a kind of "how to" instructional video and sees bandmates Angus Andrews and Aaron Hemphill have their faces turned into wax busts which are then melted down to a multicoloured puddle. Check it out below...


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