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Love Thy Neighbour: Gloss - Prey

Love Thy Neighbour: Gloss - Prey

Friday 11th July, 2014 11:10AM

A few months ago we stumbled across Sydney scum-glam band Circle Pit, who drew us in with their whole scuzzy antipodean spin on Hunx and His Punx showmanship. But shortly after finding out about this band, which centres around long-time besties Jack Mannix and Angela Bermuda, it dissolved so the two could deal with some personal issues.

Now the photographic pair, who claim to have a "psychic connection", have reunited to form Gloss. While Circle Pit was guitar-driven Sub Pop-punk, Gloss' demo offering 'Prey' sees a sonic shift and gives us a taster of dark synths and menacing lyrics (i.e. Went to town took your job / I burnt your house, jacked your car / Now I'm coming to get your kids). Apparently the duo are working on a debut album which is a melting pot of nineties influences like Terminator 2, Geto Boys and Pamela Anderson-Lee-Rock. The album should be out later this year, but check out this sample of things to come...


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