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A Low Hum House Announced For New Year's Eve

A Low Hum House Announced For New Year's Eve

Monday 18th August, 2014 11:20AM

Camp a Low Hum is moving indoors this year for ultra-limited New Year's Eve extravaganza, A Low Hum House. The event will be taking place in a ski lodge in National Park during the off-season, with shows happening inside and guests able to buy tickets for dormitory rooms. The band line-up will not be announced, but according to organiser Blink, acts will be playing from about 8pm on the 31st until the early hours of the 1st. He adds that capacity is less than 10 percent of Camp A Low Hum, therefore he is releasing the ticketing options ahead of the sale date of 1st September so wannabe attendees can organise themselves. More information below in the "press release"...


Yip. We're taking over a ski lodge in the middle of the off-season! To show any pesky rain who is boss, everything is happening INSIDE.

Imagine the Renegade Room and the Noisy Room from Camp A Low Hum connected via a labyrinth of hallways branching off with dorm rooms that everybody is staying in.

If the weather is shit, you don't ever need to go outside, but if the weather turns it on, all I gotta do is swing the PAs out onto verandahs and we're under the stars.

Bands are playing from around 8pm on the 31st till the early hours and on the 1st some will play throughout the day, but mainly the day is about chilling out and doing shit, the party will begin again properly at night-time. There won’t be any super famous bands playing and I won’t be announcing a line-up. There will be a couple of "stages", and I'll be moving stuff around and doing some surprises.

If you missed the first Camp. Don’t miss the first “House”. The capacity of House is less than 1/10th of Camp A Low Hum. Tickets will go fast.

Get a room.

I’m giving everyone a two week heads up before tickets go on sale so you can find a gang to suss a room with. Tickets will be the prices below. Some of these options are VERY limited and will probably sell out in minutes, so please get organised, this party is gonna be amazing. Please have a second option in mind as I am worried people will get bummed out if they miss out on first option.

If you want to get given a heads up before tickets go on sale, sign up to the mailing list above and you’ll get an email two hours before the tickets go on sale on SEPT 1st. You won’t get sent ANY other mail from that list, JUST the ticket heads up.

TICKETS (Include 2 Nights. Dec 31st & Jan 1st):
SHARED: (you will be placed in an 8 bed dorm with others): $110
FLOOR. Your friends have a room and you're going to sleep on the floor of that room - max ONE per room: $95

DOUBLE: (one double bed) $250 includes 2 tickets
TWIN ROOM: (one set of bunks) $230 includes 2 tickets
TRIPLE ROOM: (one single bed, one set of bunks) $330 includes 3 tickets
QUAD ROOM: (two sets of bunks) $440 includes 4 tickets
SIX BED DORM: (Three sets of bunks) $660 includes 6 tickets
EIGHT BED DORM: (Four Sets of bunks) $880 includes 8 tickets

TENT SITE: Includes 1 ticket $90

PS. Bring togs. There is a spa. A Low Hum House is smack bang in the middle between Auckland and Wellington. Just under 4 hours drive from each. Just over 2 hours from Palmerston North and 90 mins from Whanganui.


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