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Listen: Bargain Bin Laden - Misplaced Mana

Listen: Bargain Bin Laden - Misplaced Mana

Tuesday 7th October, 2014 10:29AM

The award for best use of portmanteau as a bandname would probably go to Auckland act Bargain Bin Laden. The surf punk trio, which brings together members of infamous local acts including The DHDFDs and Rackets, have released their debut EP a paper weight as a brick. The solid six-track offering bears all the hallmarks of an authentic lo-fi effort right down to the tape hiss, and closes with the little gem 'Misplaced Mana'. While it's difficult to choose a favourite track from the EP, 'Misplaced Mana' stands out due to the fact that around the three-minute mark it turns into a surf-tinged cover of the Twin Peaks theme song (which has just been announced to return to screens in 2016 for a third season after a 25 year hiatus). Take a listen to 'Misplaced Mana' below and head over to Bandcamp to grab the full EP...

And while you're here check out a video for opening cut  'Gutting The Underdog'...


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