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Here's Five: Heavy

Here's Five: Heavy

Thursday 30th April, 2015 1:03PM

Auckland rap duo Heavy have just dropped their debut album Lock In, which follows quickly on the cloud of success from their Tasty EP which came out last year. Self-recorded and self-released by Liam Dargaville and Reem Nabhani, the 12-track album features guest MC LVJ and is littered with references to the one of their favourite past times, smoking 420. With the duo about to hit the road for a series of album release shows UnderTheRadar asked them for their five favourite songs to hit the bong to...

1. Ratatat - 'Cherry' (Liam)
Ratatat doesn't really spring to mind when you think of ‘drops’ in music, but for me it does. Ratatat made me think solos were cool again. When the guitar solo drops in ‘Cherry’ so does my heart, in to the pit of my stomach. And I mean that in the best possible way. There’s nothing better than being over whelmed emotionally and physically by a track when you’re smoking up. 

2. The Beta Band - 'Dry the Rain' (Liam)
I don’t really know what else to say about this song a part from the fact that it’s a really good fucking buzz. Anything that makes you feel good sober, will make you feel even better high. The lyrics speak for themselves:
"If there's something inside that you want to say
Say it out loud it'll be okay
I will be your light
I will be your light
I will be your light
I will be your light”

3. Lil Wayne - 'I Feel Like Dying' 
This song brings back memories of smokin' up with my friends at uni, mainly hot boxing. It's also a fucking dope tune. I can’t help but get lost with it. I imagine a smokey room when i listen to it, not that I have to imagine that. 

4. Bahamadia - 'Total Wreck' (Reem)
Everybody has that one song that makes them feel cool, tough and gangsta af. Imagine feeling like that but whilst blazed. Walking down the street, headphones on, feeling on top of the world. 

5. Cypress Hill - 'I Want To Get High' (Reem)
I first heard this song when my friend Mustapha played it before a cheeky sesh (a joint with no roach, straight paper, that's how he rolled. I respect that). It was one of the best experiences. He’s one of my favourite people to get high with and this reminds me of him. Also, it’s in the title. That’s reason enough. 

Heavy are celebrating the release of Lock In with a four-date tour which is kicking off this weekend, see below for details.


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