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Album Review
Content Nausea

Content Nausea
by Parkay Quarts (Parquet Courts)

What's Your Rupture?

Review Date
24th December 2014
Reviewed by
Kaupapa Taurima

Content Nausea is the second release for Brooklyn band Parquet Courts under their almost-alter-ego name of Parkay Quarts. The record sees frontmen, Andrew Savage and Austin Brown, team up with a variety of musicians to produce a fast paced and rougher than usual Parquet Courts album.

Content Nausea
is a record bursting with anxiety, both lyrically and musically. The first track ‘Everyday It Starts’ leads with a dentist drill type whine before lunging into the type of guitar work that sees the band being constantly referred to as the ‘new Pavement’.

Stand out tracks would have to be 'Content Nausea' and 'Pretty Machines'. The title track is lyrically relentless and sees Savage spewing out his woes over a quick beat; tending more towards spoken word than anything on else on the record. While 'Pretty Machines' is well composed and will undoubtedly make most people’s 2014 summer playlists.

Content Nausea
proves that Parquet Courts remain one of the more innovative bands in indie rock at the moment. Already declining offers to feature their music in American TV shows, the group's efforts to shun social media and advertising are going to have to be stepped up if the band continues producing such quality, from-the-hip honest music.


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