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Album Review

by Spook The Horses

Honesty is Appreciated

Review Date
24th February 2015
Reviewed by
Ezra Simons

Rainmaker is the sophomore album from Wellington post-hardcore outfit Spook the Horses, and it marks a monumental step forward in their sound. The band has matured considerably since their debut Brighter, developing a more dynamic and stripped-back approach to the technically challenging genre. It’s heavy, but uplifting – dark, but intriguing. It fills the room with a wall of sound that’s enthralling at moments and heartstring jerking at others. The atmospheric build-ups to dense percussive riffs are plentiful but in no way overdone. Each song is aptly varied, making the complete undertaking of the album a satisfyingly turbulent ride.

Technically the record sounds great. It’s well produced, but not overly so – and it maintains the live aspect of the sound which is so crucial in heavy music. It was tracked in Wellington and sent to renowned Stockholm engineer Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna) for mastering – an obviously beneficial move. The bass and drums sit comfortably behind three thick layers of effects-washed guitars, enhancing the spaciousness of the breakdowns and saturated mellow sections.

Vocally, the songs vary throughout the album, from the throaty screams of ‘Flood’ and ‘Drought’ to the melancholic harmonies of ‘Below our Time’ and ‘Saboteur’. Each song is rich with complex layers of melody entangled with the well-executed instrumentation. All things considered, Rainmaker sits well within the bounds of international post-rock bands like Russian Circles and Cult of Luna - a truly world-class record from a hard-working local band.


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