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Album Review
Sound And Color

Sound And Color
by Alabama Shakes


Review Date
29th May 2015
Reviewed by
Paul Larsen

First Boys & Girls, and now Sound & Color. The complimentary and the conflicting appear to be at the core of the Alabama Shakes ethos. The American blues rock revivalists captured the imagination of fans and critics alike with the release of the former record in 2012. It was a record bursting with soul, laced with blues rock and spearheaded by the endearing Brittany Howard and her characteristically personal lyrics and powerful vocals. Boys & Girls became an instant classic by managing to at once sound timeless while conveying a modern sentiment.

Whether the sequel has lived up to the success of that first record appears to be a point of contention. Ultimately though, not a lot has changed and that’s not a bad thing. The players are the same and the Southern blues and roots sound remains completely in tact. The sense of revivalism is even racheted up a notch with the incorporation of lo-fi rock and roll in 'The Greatest' and the jukebox-era jingle, 'Miss You'.

Beyond the standout singles of 'Don't Wanna Fight' and 'Gimme All Your Love', there’s also enjoyment to be found in the fuzz wail of 'Dunes' and the lagging groove of late track 'Gemini'. If Boys & Girls more than satisfied your appetite for soulful Southern rock, then Sound & Color may be a taste too far. If you’re still hungry for more however, this serving isn’t to be passed over.


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