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Album Review
Low Earth Orbit (EP)

Low Earth Orbit (EP)
by avoid! avoid

Flying Nun Records

Review Date
18th December 2015
Reviewed by
Nich Cunningham

Relative newcomers avoid!avoid have been making sporadic appearances around the Auckland live scene for the past 18 months. Their driving pyschospheric drone has proven appealing, earning them a spot at The Other's Way festival and the coveted Fall support slot. Now, they make their recorded debut in the form of the Low Earth Orbit EP.

It's worth taking a moment to consider avoid!avoid's notable pedigree: First there is keyboardist and vocalist Sonya Waters who, along with Ben Howe, was a core member of Fang and White Swan Black Swan. Similarly, guitarist Stephen Reay and drummer Brendan Moran previously played together in the Subliminals. It's no real surprise then that this EP should emerge almost perfectly formed. It is an excellent combination of motorik beats and droning guitars with the keyboard forming the backbone; filling out the bottom end and providing saw-toothed squelching highlights.

Opener 'Achieved Not Achieved' frames these element in an abstract pop context, resplendent with education-themed hook. 'Baseline Rd.' steps with heavy squelchy feet while the duet vocals consider all things big, in a unsettling kind of a way. Finally, the EP is rounded out by the buzzing and escalating instrumental 'Black Money'. It’s a fine experience.

Brief at only three songs, Low Earth Orbit is something of a tease. It promises much and delivers, albeit in frugal quantities. But this maybe the plan because there is a full-length release in the pipeline. With all things considered, there seems no reason to avoid avoid!avoid!


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