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Album Review
Double Bind

Double Bind
by Trust Punks

Spunk / Wharf Cat / Faux Discx

Review Date
4th August 2016
Reviewed by
Nich Cunningham

Trust Punks' new album Double Bind is a sturdy elaboration on the groundwork laid by their debut record, Discipline. The latter established their trademark strident, chiming yet abrasive niche-punk which served the band well. But Trust Punks' new work sees an expansion on these ideas: the old touchpoints remain and are deployed just as effectively but they have been expertly complemented by a broadened sonic palette. The result is as refreshing as it is stark.

It’s evident this album is the result of careful attention to detail. Between the broader strokes, the band and mixer Lawrence Goodwin have added subtle detail which, aside from the direct musical content, makes for an intriguing listen, especially on headphones. Interesting placement and processing has been applied in a way that compliments each song.

The tracks themselves offer excellent variety: opener 'Paradise/Angel-Wire' inhabits familiar territory and is punctuated by a tripwire chorus. Likewise 'Good Luck With That' is Trust Punk "classic" albeit with a notable lift in songwriting prowess.

But the more ambitious numbers are really what give this album some meat. 'Leaving Room For The Lord' sets off from a familiar place while ultimately crescendoing into swelling delay feedback ad nauseam. Meanwhile the title track recalls Eno’s Music For Airports, offering respite from the vitriol. Trust Punks finish off with the expansive 'Bank Of God' which begins with some choice horn work agitated amongst feedback squalls. The band turns left toward gentle catchy quasi-pop, a strident vocal round then going for broke with an epic space jam outro.

Inasmuch as writing about music is like dancing about architecture, it’s difficult to adequately describe Trust Punk’s work, although it’s distinctive once there is any familiarity. As a band they have a definitive personality which they can wield effectively to produce exciting, engaging and intriguing music. Double Bind is exemplary.


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