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Album Review
Celebration Rock

Celebration Rock
by Japandroids


Review Date
Tuesday 3rd July
Reviewed by
Lee Wallace

On the verge of splitting up back in late 2008, Japandroids released their debut album Post Nothing almost for fun. It was soon picked up and re-released by Polyvinyl Record Co and was met with expansive acclaim. Now the Canadian two piece are back with sophomore album Celebration Rock, a deeply energetic slab of liberating rock n roll.

Recorded sporadically when time was found, Japandroids have continued the same 8 song 35 minute formula that helped put their debut across as a quick, taut blast, only this time round it’s even better. Celebration Rock's unrelenting momentum may be a little overwhelming at first but keep your ears in the cans long enough and the songs become distinct, perfectly formed, bombastic triumphs. Highlights include anthemic opener ‘The Nights of Wine and Roses’, righteous and catchy ‘Adrenaline Nightshift’ and Gun Club cover ‘For the Love of Ivy’ wonderfully done here in true Japandroids style. 

Album closer ‘Continuous Thunder’ tops them all – triumphantly finishing off proceedings in a more understated way that enhances all that came before it. It’s a great way to end, and it’s all over far too quickly, potentially the only quibble along with the drill-sergeant meets football chant style of penultimate track ‘The House that Heaven Built’ which doesn’t quite convince.

This local edition comes replete with bonus tracks too, seven of the buggers. They’ve all been released before as limited edition singles and b-sides, but they are of course of interest. The real meat and potatoes, however, are the first 8 tracks. They stand alone as the best set we’ve seen from Japandroids thus far, and are near essential. Celebration Rock indeed – what a perfect title.


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