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Album Review
Total Recall EP

Total Recall EP
by Thought Creature

Crystal Magic

Review Date
5th July 2012
Reviewed by
Lee Wallace

It’s been a lengthy time between releases for Thought Creature, time which they’ve partly spent over in Berlin, soaking things up and refining their drummerless two-piece style. The Total Recall EP comes a mere month or two ahead of their second album and is an interesting step into different territory but still retains many of the unique elements that undoubtedly turned us on to the band in the first place.

The changes are immediately evident on grooving opener ‘Warped One’.  You’d be forgiven for thinking you were listening to a foreign beast altogether until the unmistakable vocal style of Will Rattray kicks in, swirling amongst the guitar stabs and electronic pulses, stamping this as an indelible Thought Creature creation. ‘Smoke Machine’ comes next and continues the pattern with this newly evolved style balanced against reminders of the past – gothic influences can definitely be heard, particularly through the echoed vocal piercings.

Of particular appeal is ‘Oh Contraire My Dear’. The longest song on offer here,  it is a perfectly paced combination of deep noir and desperation with hints of humour at the edges.  Less so  is ‘Monster’, floating  past slightly bereft of ideas with a straightforward drum- machine undercurrent and repetitive lyrics. A trimmed back radio version of 'Smoke Machine’ rounds out proceedings and is an unnecessary addition, detracting from the cohesiveness and overall impact of the EP.

Total Recall is a dark record, something to digest in order and in one sitting. The long running times and meandering nature of the tunes may intimidate at first, but this is definitely a sound that works. As with all good recordings it unfolds gracefully and encourages with repeated listening. Over an EP length it gives a perfectly beguiling, if slightly flawed snapshot of the avenue that Thought Creature have elected to pursue this time around and adds to the anticipation for their forthcoming sophomore effort.


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