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Album Review

by Cat Power


Review Date
24th September 2012
Reviewed by
Kat Patrick

If you were forced to endure a lot of Enya growing up, it becomes a curse in later life. You hear it everywhere. On first listen, it seemed as though the sweeping melodies of Cat Power’s Sun were tinged with the same sail away melancholia. Upon closer inspection, however, the realisation dawns that the only similarity between the two female artists is sentimental attachment. It’s impossible not to be swept away by the emotional tide of the new album, with the volume cranked and eyes closed as you passionately sing along in the car.

While making the record, Cat Power went through it. She got dumped, swiftly replaced by a hot new model and almost became bankrupt. But rather than wallow, Sun shines with positivity. The sharp beats and epic synths that feature throughout couldn’t feel farther away from the wistful window-staring vibe of 2006’s The Greatest and it’s a nice change of pace.

As that familiar smoky voice huskily navigates the new, pop territory of tracks like ‘Human Being’ and ‘Nothin But Time’ there’s a sense that she’s found comfort in her new sound and while on occasion lyrics vie dangerously close to an Alanis Morrisette ethos, the overall effect is definitely feel-good rather than feel-cheesy.

The album’s production is expansive enough to draw in a few new fans, but recognisable enough to satisfy the die-hards that rely on Cat Power tunes to back their whimsical dinner parties. Captivating enough to melt even the grumpiest heart, Sun is set to make everyone happy.


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