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Album Review
Surgical Steel

Surgical Steel
by Carcass

Nuclear Blast

Review Date
25th September 2013
Reviewed by
Nich Cunningham

Surgical Steel is Carcass’ first album since reforming in 2007 and follows up on 1996’s Swansong. Emerging in the late 1980’s from the same watershed Liverpudlian scene as Naplam Death and Godflesh, Carcass are considered innovators and originators within grindcore/death metal. At their peak in the 1990s, they attracted a considerable fan base both in Britain and internationally, not least amongst them being the late John Peel.

This album is a return at full strength. Aficionado’s best reference point is 1991's Necroticism…, with comparable style and production. Carcass’ trademark melodies and guitarmonies are evident, however it has always been their ability to transform a collection of riffs into a dynamic and engaging song that has set them apart from many contemporaries. 'The Master Butcher's Apron' is a stand out track in the first, more aggressive part of the album. The second half demonstrates Carcass' firm grasp of melody, particularly the epic 'Mount Of Execution'.

It is very common now for bands to reform and try to capitalize on past success. Sadly, in many cases the fire has gone out but his cannot be said of Carcass. Surgical Steel is a vital and worthy addition to an already impressive legacy.


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