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Album Review
Double Cup

Double Cup
by DJ Rashad

Hyperdub Records

Review Date
31st October 2013
Reviewed by
Martyn Pepperell

Rooted in the 808 sub triplets, stop motion polyrhythms, circular soul/funk loop hypnotism and glistening synths synthesisers of Chicago Footwork, Double Cup sees twenty year scene veteran DJ Rashad essaying on both the centre and the edges of this ever exciting club music form.

Connecting with his with peers Spinn, Taso, DJ Phil, Earl, Manny and Addison Groove, they fold elements of hip-hop, R&B, acid house, techno, g-funk and jungle into the mix, marrying Chicago Footwork's traditional shapes and structures with the song structure and motifs needed to make this music translate internationally.

On 'She A Go' (feat Spinn and Tasco) Rashad wraps ornate swirling synths around short rapped phrases, folding them in and out of each other like pieces in a puzzle box, letting warm chords, claps and snares underpin things. On 'Double Cup' (feat Spinn), he juxtaposes a buzzsaw bass line with a sea of snares, claps and hihats before letting everything melt away into a sea of lush pads and repeated rap refrains in honor of codeine and sprite.

Defined, powerful and driving, Double Cup represents one of the most considered and engaging album length statements to emerge from the Chicago Footwork scene since it hit international radars in 2010.


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