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Album Review

by Trick Mammoth

Fishrider Records

Review Date
4th February 2014
Reviewed by
Paul Larsen

In the musical chairs of the young Dunedin scene, band members and instruments are as interchangeable as each other. Each of Trick Mammoth's members are veterans of the other bands and each sing, play guitar and bass on their debut record, Floristry. Millie Lovelock (also of Astro Children) anchors the group's sound with her distinctive airy vocals while the band's founder, Adrian Ng and Sam Valentine provide a kaleidoscopic backdrop of intricate guitars and whimsical pop dreamscapes.

Initial singles, 'Delphine (With a Purpose)' and 'Pinker Sea' bookend Floristry's slice of the pop spectrum neatly with the former highlighting a more purposeful Dunedin pop sound and the latter exhibiting the band's bona fide shoe gaze credentials. While the distance between those genres may not be vast, it's explored ably and inventively throughout the record with the trio regularly switching roles in order to create an effortless collection of sun drenched pop tunes. Later track, ‘Cold Dalmatian’ is one of the few songs that breaks stride. Its almost minor melody and lead guitar through-line giving it a retro feel while amongst its post-modern peers.

Floristry's warm tones and peaceful sentiment are an obvious compliment to a long hot summer but there's a warmth at the core of these songs that will ensure the glow lasts well into the colder months.


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