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Proud Scum

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Proud Scum - FIRST EVER Wellington SHOW!

In 1958 Mrs Atrocity lay in agony on a hospital bed… So begins the introduction to Suicide II but this story goes back further than that. Mrs Jamrag squeezed her baby out two years earlier and Mrs Scum squeezed hers out earlier still.

Proud Scum were wildly famous in Auckland through the second half of 1979 and the start of 1980 and mildly famous in Sydney for the rest of 1980 but like a turd that won’t flush away, they just keep hanging around, resurfacing every decade or so.
The current iteration of the band is gathering from the four corners of the globe: Auckland, Melbourne, London and Woy Woy to play not only at Auckland’s Punk it Up but also, in a world first, in Wellingscum.

The boys will be met at Wellingscum Airport by Prime Minister Ardern, wearing a traditional knitted Beagle jumper and given the keys, perhaps not to the city, but to the venue of Viking legend, Valhalla.

Joining them for the gig is Wellingtons own The Makos, and guests TBA

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