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Bobandii, Lévyne, Harry Parsons

Tour Information
Bobandii, Lévyne, Harry Parsons

Thursday 23rd May
Doors 9:30pm

Harry Parsons -
UK born Harry Parsons has launched his career in Auckland, New Zealand.
Since his first release (LOST EP) in 2015, he has been producing, performing and embracing his art. Parsons makes his music in his room, and with various producers taking influence from his favourite artists. His choice of soundscapes, rhythms and lush melodies culminate into a fresh and unique outlook on pop music.
Parsons has been carving out a name for himself in the New Zealand music scene since coming first place in the national finals of the 2013 Smokefree Rockquest. He’s gone on to release a string of winning singles, including ‘Letting Go’ which debuted on Spotify’s New Music Friday UK.

He’s also a live force to be reckoned with, playing countless festivals and opening for acts like Tash Sultana and Lime Cordaile. 

With NZ on Air already funding his next single, Parsons is one up and coming act you don’t want to miss.

Lévyne -
For a number of years Lévyne has been honing her skills as a producer and a songwriter, creating her own ethereal synth pop sound. In her songs, clear vocal melodies glide across lush layers of iconic instruments, weaving together moods that alternate between states of positivity and melancholy.

Lévyne released her catchy debut single 'Misfit' in 2018. With bigger and better in her sights for the coming months, she intends to keep the momentum going.

Bobandii -
Since the release of his debut mixtape, “Of the Forest” in 2017, Bobandii has been expanding his horizons from the early hip-hop influenced origins. Releasing two EP’s and collaborating with Raiza Biza on “Marco Polo” in 2018, Bobandii shows no sign of slowing down this year.

Where gritty raps used to reside, his sound has evolved to include melodic vocals and head knocking grooves. If you are a rap head, don’t worry - the Bobandiit still comes out to play from time to time!

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