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Isla EP Release w/ Shana Grace, Tweed and Good Thieves

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I'm Isla: a singer/songwriter whose music is most often associated with the word quirky. I choose to take that as a compliment. I'm SO excited to share my EP Weirdo with you!

Join me (and my outrageously talented friends) for a night of harmonies, an aggressive flute and viola battle, and the most incredible supporting acts a girl could dream of. Bring your Mum, your cousin, and their dog- I'd love to meet them!

Shana's music reaches into your chest and convinces your heart it's not alone in how it feels. There is a mesmerising honesty to her lyrics and the timbre of her voice. Seeing her perform is like drinking tea by the fire in the winter. Also, she's super nice!

Tweed are some of my real life heroes. Their transcendent harmonies and innovative rhythms are mind boggling. The first time I heard them play I was convinced I'd just discovered music. You do not want to miss them!

Yeah we're alright.

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