The Cavemen

The Cavemen

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The Cavemen. New Zealands most dangerous rock n roll band.

Since leaving these shores on Christmas day 2015 the Cavemen have brought their depraved spectacle to the northern hemisphere with tours across the UK, Europe, Brazil, Mexico and the United States. Infamous and unapologetic the now London-based rockers have fast become the undisputed road kings of Europe, performing across the continent from Lisbon to Istanbul. With their signature balls-to-the-wall, no frills approach full of train crash rock and roll , this brand of high energy rock n roll has made them one of the most commanding live acts on the planet right now.

The Cavemen formed in high school over a shared love of glue and rock n roll. Having spent several years drinking and loitering around the various basements, graveyards and parking lots of Auckland, the boys honed their rock n roll chops, emerging from their teenage troglodytic existence to deliver the world back to the stone-age.

The Cavemen have recently teamed up with Slovenly Records to undertake their most ambitious tour yet. Over November and December they will have their passports stamped in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan and Australia. After this whirlwind tour of the ring of fire The Cavemen are targeting their native New Zealand, playing their first shows on home soil in four years. Make sure you catch this rare glimpse of troglodytic Kiwi rock n roll before they implode in a mushroom cloud of Big Ben Pies and Double Brown.