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Tour Information
Friday Night - (General Admission Buy Tickets button)
The Plague (featuring members of Blam Blam Blam, Pop Mechanix, Swingers etc)
No Tag (second night added, because it's their last ever gig!)
Dick Move
Tigers (NZs first all Māori punk band)
The Bludgers
bankRobbers (with special guests, including Sonya Waters and Ed Geddes from Instigators, and Dean Martelli and Chris Orange from The Terrorways)

or add Saturday Night as well - (Entry to both nights Buy Tickets button)
No Tag (last ever performance)
Sit Down In Front
The Bombers
Devils Got-9
bankRobbers (with special guests, including Nick Hansen from Spelling Mistakes, and members of Rebel Truce)

Punk It Up are extremely pleased to announce that PIU V will be held at Galatos, in the heart of Auckland's party scene, the infamous K' Rd strip. As capacity is always limited for Punk It Up, it's slightly more limited now, so we expect to reach the no tickets left zone much faster than normal. The extra advantages of Galatos, such as less draconian noise control issues meaning the bands have to finish early, the Paul Crowther MNZM managed sound system, as well as the multiple levels of the venue, make it a slam dunk as a choice for Punk It Up V

It's no wonder that PIU V tickets will be the hottest commodity on the block, when you consider the band lineups, the plethora of DJs, and all the other band merchandise, punk vinyl records for sale, and the info booths, as well as, of course, the infamous After Party until bloody late.

Therefore, Punk It Up V are happy to add to the lineup for the 2 night extravaganza at Tāmaki Makaurau's Galatos venue, on Feb 19 and 20, up-and-coming young ones Sit Down In Front, those perennial favorites X-Features, and because No Tag are doing their FINAL GIG EVER, they have graciously suggested that they play both nights, and the Punk It Up team have happily accepted their offer. Such nice lads!
Along with The Plague (with members of Blam Blam Blam, Pop Mechanix and more), Contenders, The Bombers, The Bludgers, Tigers (NZ first ever Māori punk band), Dick Move, and Devils Got 9 (featuring members of Morning Horns), the weekend of punk rock'n'roll looks as solid as ever...

Closing both nights, as is tradition with Punk It Up, will be bankRobbers, the All-Star covers band with X-Features/Fetus Productions musical guru Jed Town, No Tag's Andrew Boak, The Bombers' Shamus O'Brien, and their drummer Earl, who has interestingly become bankRobber #5 for Punk It Up V
They'll be joined by a star-studded group of guests from the NZ punk scene, including Sonya Waters and Ed Geddes (Instigators), Dean Martelli and Chris Orange (Terrorways/X-Features/Rebel Truce), playing a couple of Terrorways songs, (and a special Rebel Truce treat as well), with Dean playing his Burns Flyte guitar, that graced the cover of the essential NZ compilation album AK79, and many more guests....

Put all that together with a massive lineup of DJs including Dubhead, Miss Dom, Phil A, R.G. Bargy, Wastemaster, Johnny&The Dambusters, and many more, playing everything and anything they want to, both in between the bands, and late into the night at both night's after parties. There's also going to be information booths from some extremely worthy causes, plus the myriad of vendors plying their wares, like band t-shirts and records etc etc, all adding up to a night, or in this case 2 nights, that you'll remember for a very very long time.

Anyway, we've made the decision to not put off this gig any longer, and even though COVID border restrictions for band members overseas are circumstances beyond our control,.......We Wanna Rock......


N.B. Punk It Up will endeavour to keep the lineups as above, but reserve the right to adjust them slightly if logistics require.

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Galatos, Auckland
(General Admission $66.66+BF)
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Galatos, Auckland
(Entry to both nights $133.32+BF)
Fri, Feb 19 Buy
Galatos, Auckland
(General Admission $66.66+BF)
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Galatos, Auckland
(Entry to both nights $133.32+BF)
Sat, Feb 20 Buy