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Love Square's Freida Margolis Christmas Gig

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A quirky, musical journey of jazzy, funky instrumentals from Aotearoa to Africa, The Caribbean and Back...
Love Square has the coveted Freida's Christmas Gig Spot for 2019 - so get on the Love Square Christmas Bus that'll take you from Hakanoa St to Africa via the Caribbean and back again!
Love Square is Nick Atkinson- formerly of Hopetoun Brown and Supergroove and all-round bass clarinet gun-for hire. His soulful deep sax tones make a recording - just ask Aldous Harding.
Finn Scholes of Carnivorous Plant Society is a multi-instrumentalist having played with Neil Finn to Gin Wigmore, and Hopetoun Brown in-between. His trumpet tones alone will take you to Tijuana.

This will be a carnivorous, super-groovy, evening!