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Close To The Bone Debut Music Video Filming + Keg Party

Tour Information

For those that perchance have not seen or heard of us. We are Close to the Bone. We deliver high energy rock/metal of our own style of which we showcase groovy and memorable riffs... filthy and hectic breakdowns... jaw-dropping guitar solos... all tied together with grungy, powerful vocals and an entrancing stage presence that is sure to get you moving.
We've played a myriad of shows around New Zealand and it's high time we start releasing our music for all the world to hear. On this event, we shall be filming all the excerpts for our debut single Sink In.

We've hired an EXCLUSIVE centralized venue for the filming. It probably has never been used for a live gig and we're going to be setting it up concert style!
The stage is going to the biggest stage we've ever performed on!
We will be performing our set in its entirety which will also include a couple new, never played live songs!
We've got a filming crew! Photographers! Lights! Effects!
Explosive stage antics! As well as a determination to kick 2020 off with an unforgettable bang!

Due to alcohol licensing, there will be no drinks available for purchase inside the venue and you cannot BYO. So instead we've decided to supply the alcohol for you and throw a keg party! Just return your cup up to the bar for as many refills as you like until the kegs run dry! (Unless you're deemed too intoxicated)

Tickets will be set at $40. Might seem pricey at first glance especially for an underground band... however taking into consideration that you get a night of all-you-can-drink alcohol, an awesome show, a delicious feast... you're definitely in for an amazing deal.

This venue is normally a commercial kitchen which allows us to cook onsite. So we've got two chefs who will be cooking up a huge all you can eat feast before the bands start! Whether you're a meat-lover, vegetarian, vegan, celiac, etc... there will be options laid out for all so that no one is missing out on this bountiful buffet! Just grab a plate and pile it up to your heart's content!

To add to this eventful night, this will be the night that our youngest, our brightest, our most beautiful, the groove, the driving force, the man on the low end holding down the rhythm, (Alright you get the point how awesome this guy is) - Conor will be turning 20! So we're setting up this show to celebrate his birthday!
I suppose we should also point out that Sergio hits 22 three days later.
I guess he kinda does alright in playing some of the guitar parts in the band ( or rather just stands there looking pretty ) so let's give him some cheer too.
This write up totaaaaally wasn't done by Conor. Love you Sergio x

Doors open 7:30PM
Feast Served at 7:45PM
First Act (Blood Buffalo) at 8:45
Close to the Bone kicks off at 9:30

Venue for the night is located at Eat My Lunch on Galatos St. Right next door to the venue that is Galatos. You'll see the big Eat My Lunch signs on the front.

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