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The Bats

The Bats

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Founded in Christchurch in 1982, Flying Nun pioneers The Bats have slowly evolved their sound for over four decades in an organic way.
You could call it kismet.

They've marked their place and their time on our planet with regular album releases accompanied by tours around the world to spread the word while checking in on fans and friends.

They've now reached album number TEN - recorded and ready for release in 2020.
Alongside those albums is an impressive tally of extra singles, b-sides, compilations and tribute songs - proof of Robert Scott's amazing ability to keep writing great songs.

When playing live, narrowing to a set of 'faves' from their back catalogue can be a daunting task but with loads of experience and the addition of a few new songs from their tenth album Foothills, it's a challenge they're more than happy to rise to.
Come a see them play along with opening acts
Matthew Bannister (Sneaky Feelings, Dribbling Darts of Love) and
Bitter Defeat.
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