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Sulfate & Jazmine Mary

Tour Information
A real concert - performed live and in-person at the Wine Cellar.

Celebrating the triumphant return of one of New Zealand's most-loved live-music hubs (in the safest way possible), with two of Auckland's Wine Cellar regulars - Sulfate & Jazmine Mary.

Seated show, with limited capacity - 30 tickets only.

Seating will be spaced out, according to Level 2 guidelines.

If you would like to purchase a ticket, it's important you read on...

Welcome to the wine cellar Level 2

Conditions of entry

1, Scan in to the contact tracing application

if your phone doesn’t support QR codes you can type in this address into your web browser

If you don’t have access to the internet via your own phone the staff can log you in

2, Groups of 10 are able to socialise together but please keep 1m away from all others including staff other than the server assigned to your table and please stick to your seated area and try not to mingle with others not in your group.

The Level 2 Capacity of the Wine Cellar Bar Room is 20

The Level 2 Capacity of the Venue is 30 (It is recommended that you get tickets for the show via

Table Service and Ordering

This is all going to be a little bit weird so please be patient while we work this out.

To minimise payment cues and slowdowns at the bar consider buying rounds and setting up a tab (with a credit card/debit visa etc)

Or Use our ordering form to organise a round before arriving

Payments via Paypal