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Coridian & Outside In: Album Release Party

Tour Information
Auckland Alternative Rock brothers Coridian are celebrating the release of their 3rd EP/Album 'Eldur' alongside Progressive Rock collective Outside In, who have released their debut album 'KarmaTrain'. Both releases dropped in May, receiving local and international acclaim, surging buzz and anticipation for when both bands return to the stage.

'Eldur' is the Nordic word for Fire & is the 3rd elemental installment for Coridians' 4 part album series. The Soundcheck AU described: Eldur is in fact a gracefully fervid endeavor full of passion and thoughtful embers that will stick with you long after the riffs have faded away. Coridian are known for there highly energized, passionate performances and hardworking gig ethics & are ready to hit the stages of NZ once again in celebration of their new music.

Outside In
Auckland prog-rockers Outside In invite you on an engrossing journey through a spectrum of emotions and sounds – from intense grit, gloom and poignancy to potent and climatic psychedelic euphoria.The five piece produce an exhilarating sound that plays with a range of time signatures and non-traditional song structures.
Get onboard the Karmatrain.

Special Guests are alternative, Auckland based Hospital Sports who are releasing their 3rd album 'On We and You' in July.

(Not only is this is album release party, Coridian will be celebrating guitarist/songwriter Mike Ravens 40th Birthday, so come party! )

Doors from 8pm
First Act from 830pm
Merch Available on the night, support your scene and come celebrate with us