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Femme N Bass

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Tour Information
Femme n Bass are bringing together drum and bass producers and DJs from around Aotearoa for a night of incredible tunes for your auditory pleasure. Featuring the Auckland-based powerhouse that is UNSUB, Wellington’s own unmissable PAIGE JULIA, Nelson’s incredible LILY WYLDFLOWER, and introducing to the local scene the raw energy of K-WHOLE and SEREN - the beats will be on point, the bass will be felt in your bones, the drops will be deep.

Set Times:
9:30-10:15 - K-WHOLE
10:15-11:00 - SEREN
11:00-12:00 - LILY WYLDFLOWER
12:00-1:00 - UNSUB
1:00-2:00 - PAIGE JULIA

K-Whole fell in love with bass music after getting unexpectedly stuck in China a few years ago. Never happier than on a dancefloor, she amps on tracks that make the body move, or the soul transcend.

Formerly a harmony queen vocalist and drum & bass ballerina, Seren decided to cut out the middle-man and work to get production, looping and now DJing into her own hands. She enjoys & plays many genres but jungle/dnb will always have her heart. Expect lush velvety vibes & basslines that are food for your soul.

Hailing from the South Island underground party scene, Lily Wyldflower has a penchant for dark rollers and a splash of liquid. An aspiring producer, she has also recently laid vocals for the UK dnb label Raw DnB and has other new collaborations in the works.

Unsub (Lily), Alexis K (Alice) and n0isemakeR (Ellie). Three artists with one thing in common; they share the same body. Their music has received consistent airplay from radio stations around the world including BBC, Triple J and Ibiza Radio since 2010.
What Unsub has to say about her work: ‘Every song is a moment in my life that I'm trying to share to connect with people who know the feeling. People who've been on that level, good or bad, and have come through it (or still are).’

Paige Julia is making music for humans who stay up late. She has music out on US imprint Samsara Beats, UK imprint Forest Biz and features on homegrown Nelson label Totally Roasted since 2016. Inspired by the grey areas between techno, UK bass music and experimental sound, her work is the mutation of idea into electricity into sensation, a modern form of magic.
Be entranced, come dance.

Femme n Bass is about showcasing the massive talent amongst the babes of the bass music community. In the rather dude-heavy music industry, we think it’s important to create spaces for femme* DJs and producers to strut their stuff, while still putting on an epic night of heavy tunage.

We want everyone to be able to enjoy this gig! So bring your good vibes, bring your friends, and remember, consent is sexy. If anyone’s behaviour is making you uncomfortable, please bring it to the attention of Moon’s bar staff or to the event organisers and we will be more than happy to help you out.

*femme is the term we have chosen to use for our event as the best counter to the male-dominated music industry. We welcome trans, non-binary and gender-fluid folk (who are generally even more sidelined by the patriarchy) who wish to be part of this space.