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Adam Mcgrath and Al Hunter

Tour Information
legendary kiwi country singer Al Hunter and Eastern frontman and solo folkie, Adam McGrath join forces for an intimate show at Cassels Blue Smoke this August.

Blue Smoke will be open and offering a pre-show dinner service from 6.30pm, the show will begin at 8:30pm. Very limited table seating available in view of stage, bookings are essential.

In the world of now, it's like if you don't get a photo of it it didn't happen, if it didn't arrive on instagram then it was never anywhere, especially if your out there making music. Luckily that's just how it appears, the world ticks along regardless. And so it is with the odd music maker, still out there still rambling, making it up as they go along finding themselves in the middle of the magic in the magicist of places.

Earlier this year, just before the world tilted on its axis, Eastern frontman and solo folkie in his own right Adam McGrath found himself deposited in the small town of Woodstock just inland from Hokitika. Weirdly enough the great Texan songwriter Jimmie Dale Gilmore was also there, in another turn of the serendipitous wheel, the legendary kiwi country singer Al Hunter was also in the house playing with his son and members of the legendary west coast Hethrington family. McGrath was stoked, a bunch of heroes in one room and a bar tab. Everything was going to be ok. And it was all night and all song after song long.

The night was sky splittingly magic. In typical west coast fashion, locals made bones about nothing more than whether the songs were drinkable too and danceable for. They indeed were.
In the middle of it probably embarrassing himself during a harmonica break, McGrath allowed himself a little tear and was like Goodgoddamn Jimmie Dale Gilmour and Al fuckin Hunter!.

Feeling the deep pull of Hunters true, honest, good willed songs he knew he needed to bring him over to his side of the island and use whatever power he could to drum up some paying song appreciators to let Hunter know that even though it might've been a while between drinks, that his songs and history were still important.

Being the Award winner, country gentle/workingman and 3 chord legend Hunter is McGrath reckons it'll be an honor to host the man on stage at the Cassels Blue Smoke in Woolston. The two of them will be performing in a traditional country song swap in the round arrangement. The usual Blue Smoke conviviality and music loving spirit will be in the house and night of Song and heart should warm the feet, heads and cockles of all in attendance!