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Avya Grace

Avya Grace is an Auckland based multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and singer.

Having grown up in a home that encouraged dreaming, Avya found she had a thing for music at a young age.

Her dynamic range of tones combined with raw lyrics about real feelings creates something that hits different. With the belief that music is a tool designed to stir vulnerability within the listener - this is the philosophy that guides Avya in her career.


Hey, the names REED.
I am a pop, R&B singer/songwriter and am so excited to be opening for Jazz (Daizzy) on the 28th and am indeed ready to boogie on down. It’ll be my first time performing my tracks live with a band and am really looking forward to it.

For those that haven’t heard, check me out on Spotify so you can sing along when I play my set. I have just released my debut single NEVER BE in May and can’t wait to jam it live along with some other songs, new and old.

Daizzy originally hails from a small country town just south of Queenstown, NZ. In early 2017 she packed up everything she could fit into her car, said goodbye to her mum, and drove up to Auckland to pursue her music career. After nearly 4 years of honing her craft the time has finally come to share what she has been working on.

Daizzy’s infections laughter and bubbly personality mixed with her powerful vocals and self-confidence are a force to be reckoned with when she is on stage. So get ready for all of Daizzy’s hard work and colorful persona to hit the stage in her debut performance!

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The Wine Cellar, Auckland Fri, Aug 28 Buy

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