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The Convincers and Lil Chuck

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darkroom, Christchurch Fri, Oct 9 Buy

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Stomping, gutsy night of rockabilly/blues/western swing/ragtime.....

LIL CHUCK THE ONE MAN SKIFFLE MACHINE.... kicks the night off with his One Man Band......
cranking out his harmonica, resonator guitar, kick drum, hi hat, kazoo and vocals....get ready for a rollicking good time people!

His mainly original songs are inspired by the sounds of the era - Blues, Early Jazz, Western Swing, Ragtime etc and are uniquely presented in the style of the street performers from those glory days.

THE CONVINCERS are a cranking old school rockabilly & blues band with a powerhouse groove.
Covering fly fifties and sixties rock & roll with a detour to the delta to deliver some lowdown dirty blues....

Mission statement: make ya swagger, sway, bop, rock, twirl, gyrate, shake a leg, hoof it........get wallflowers DANCING...

This special night is ALL about heart and music....don't miss it!


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darkroom, Christchurch Fri, Oct 9 Buy