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Twominds Project - Volume II

Tour Information
Welcome to VOLUME II of the TWOMINDS PROJECT series! We loved Volume 1 so much, we've decided the only thing we can do is step it up a notch...

This series is a celebration of music, art, and people. It features some of New Zealand's finest young artists across varying genres of live music AND haĆ¼s music - all to be enjoyed in the same artistic, experimental environment, created with the idea in mind of setting yourself free. Come experience it for yourself - we'd love you to join us for a dance, people!

VOLUME 2 will feature the energetic sounds of;
Laura Lee Lovely
Hot Donnas
Followed by an endless dance to house music, courtesy of;
Todd Mayo

Tickets available TUESDAY 15TH SEPTEMBER - early birds from $15

Come join us for a party : )

with love - twominds x