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Now Hear This! Festival Night Three

Tour Information
The Audio Foundation presents NOW HEAR THIS!
A festival of urgent sound, adventurous music and deep listening.
Every two years the Audio Foundation produces a festival of astonishing sound, music and performance featuring an incredible selection of unique artists from throughout the country.
NOW HEAR THIS! is a celebration of glorious noise, sublime sounds, singular songs and ecstatic improvisation. Held over 6 nights and two days in venues around the Karangahape Rd area, NOW HEAR THIS! will cure you of Covid!
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Rachel Shearer, Rosy Parlane, Richard Francis / Lucy Hunter / Hermione Johnson, Peter Porteous, Chris O’Connor / Ruby Hinepunui Solly, Rasoul Abbasi, Tom Callwood, Anita Clark, Ro Rushton-Green, Eamon Edmundsen-Wells, Marija Dumitrijevic / Mo Zareei