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Often described as “an accident, a beautiful accident” the Subliminals were always heavily reliant on the eccentricities of its four members. The band merged the classic Flying Nun DIY sound with a futurist minimalist aesthetic and Krautrock inspired backbeats.

The Crystal Chain E.P (1999), presented a unique sound and energy that effortlessly traversed the following decades. United State (2000) soon followed and offered a long-playing entry of the ‘less is more’ ethic. The band eschewed rockist clichés and held onto their warm but stark vision. This teetered on an essential and delicate rhythmic synergy shaped beside a droning parade of dirty, phase shifting guitars with scattered vocals, both cerebral and serrated. Live, their delicacy became tethered amidst a tranquil psychedelia of shimmering aural landscapes and brutal, searing frequencies. At their best, the Subliminals offer a portal to a trance-zone, creating a neo-ritualistic site and an opportunity to dance like tomorrow never happens - repetition unfolds in organic layers and unifies the band, the audience and the spaces between the atoms alike.

The Subliminals were together a short time and widely regarded as one of the most furtive acts in the Flying Nun stable. This will be a rare opportunity to see them in a re-united state.

Only one show at Whammy. This is a chance to see an extended set in an intimate setting.

Limited edition t-shirts on the night.


In celebration of its 20 year anniversary, Flying Nun veterans The Subliminals have announced a vinyl only reissue of their 2000 album ‘United State’, due out on November 6th via Flying Nun Records. The album’s 11 tracks were remastered for vinyl by original engineer Tex Houston, re-ordered for optimal playback and pressed in New Zealand at Holiday Records to heavyweight 180g black vinyl.

Support by Ripship.

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Whammy Bar, Auckland Fri, Nov 6 Buy