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Labour Weekend Sunday Session w/Leighton Fairlie, Dj Sulu, Bruci J

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Keen on a Labour weekend Sunday send?

Electronica, roots and drum & bass fans rejoice as Leighton Fairlie descends upon Common Room Hastings to bring you the much anticipated, truly captivating and unique sound
Crafted over many moons, his debut release in 2019 saw him not only creating beautiful dub landscapes but putting forth messages about the current state of affairs - and in true reggae fashion asking the listener to walk with him in unity and stand up against the system.
Be a part of this special live showcase where Leighton will take you on a sonic adventure with a hand picked team of master musicians that will band together and form his loop formatted 3 piece band.

Fans of the sweet reggae sound will be delighted to find out that Daniel Weetman of The Black Seeds A.K.A DJ Sulu will be captaining this ship of musical mayhem through the calm waters of each change over keeping the evening flowing from beginning to end.

Brazilian Born soloist Bruci Jordan is also joining the line up with his sweet acid/blues/roots infused sound.

Limited early bird tickets on sale now